Becoming a member...

Becoming a member of the South County Rod & Gun Club is easy.
To become a member of the club you have to fulfill only a couple of one time obligations.
a)      Come to at least one regular meeting and be recorded as a guest.

b)       Find an active member who will sponsor you and have the sponsor
 request an application for you for a probationary membership at our E-board
          meeting. You must accompany the sponsor and have two things the day you
          request an application.
          1) A BCI check done within last 60 days.
          2) You must be a member of the NRA and in good standing with a membership card.
          This will take 15 min to fill out the application and have the sponsor sign it at
          the E-board meeting.

c)       You must pay a one-time initiation fee of $100.00 dollars due after
          your application has been accepted by the E-board and has been voted on and
          accepted by the body, along with your first year's membership dues which are
          presently $200.00.

d)      During your one year probationary period You must put in 16 hours of
         "work time" either at the club or at club related activities these include
         but are not limited to clearing of brush and cleaning ranges, maintenance
         and upkeep of ranges and facilities or working at one of the many functions
         held at the club such as game dinners. If you have a trade ( electrician,
         carpenter, plumber, etc) let us know and we probably have something your
         great at that we need to have done.

e)      Also during this period you must present and your attendance
         recorded at a majority of the clubs meetings.

Club meeting dates can be found on our Meeting's Page
If you have any questions about becoming a member of the South County Rod & Gun Club then please feel free to contact us at